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Candles + Self-Care

Self-care can fall to the bottom of your priority list when you have a family, a demanding career and a household to run. It happens to the best of us and that’s okay! 

Here are top 3 benefits of adding candles in your self-care routine:

#1. It boosts your mood 

Doing an activity you enjoy like reading, exercise or painting for example, can help manage stress levels. Light a candle in the corner of the room for a boost. Scents like citrus and bergamot aids in relaxation and positivity.

#2. Helps you reflect on fond memories

Have you ever passed by a store where a scent brings you back to a special moment in your life? Our memories have strong association to smell. When there are multiple things demanding our attention, we forget to look back on all the good things that have happened. When you light a candle with aromas of coconut and fruit, it may bring you back to a fond memory of a family outing along the beach. 

#3. Aid in getting a restful sleep 

Getting a restful sleep helps with memory retention and mood regulation. Before bed, instead of looking at a bright phone or computer screen, light your favorite hand-poured candle for a soft, dreamy atmosphere. Safety first: don’t forget to put the candle out before you sleep.

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